U'r now 24.
Have a very happy birthday! :D
Wish you nothing but best my dearest Kyu!


Love Letters

I got one more poster, but i refuse to publish it here.
It's quite uhmazing face :D Thank fanny for the poster (cmiiw)

Thank for the surprise guys!
Thanks for the...
mask which isn't porous
lots of flour
super creamy cake
sticky soy sauce & soda
stinky and dirty car soap
And you guys are so brilliant to fled by car. Dafuq.
But still, I love you so much guys :D
Ratri Fanny Pane Aldri Muthia Anti Bram Andre Vina Farouq Dea lotsoflove


And this...
Cake from Jon's mom :')
Massive happiness!

Thank Lord for giving me another year to live :)


Kelompok 1

We've passed those stages.

Thanks for being such a great group for the last 6months.
So proud of you guys :D
Esp. for the League Project and PersDev Final Project!


We offer you something that beyond your imagination.
We're here to embody your wildest dream.

Finally, legal.

Happy birthday to me and my sister :)

Wish both of us be a better person than ever, in every ways and every aspects.


"Em a te eee! Uye!"

This is my class. The most assertive, creative, and cooperative class.
So glad to see you guys :)

We're different.
We're eclectic.
We're Marketing C.


Voice From The Past

Kemeja putih lusuh

Derap langkah dan gema tawa
Menggema merdu di sepanjang koridor
Dilengkapi manisnya cerita cinta

Apa kabar 2011?


4 years and 3 months

Forced facial treatment as anniversary surprise!
That's ur first facial, and am goin' to create lot of memories that you've never had.
Moi love you!


He Has Stolen My Heart Away...

Magnificent singer.
Prodigious Math solver.
Fantastical musician.
Suave but fierce as well.
Who's the hell on earth can resist that charm...